Retirement Plan Design Options

Retirement Plan Design Options
Plan Design
With so many plan design options, PB&H Benefits can assist you with selecting the perfect fit for your company.
You may want to install a plan to attract top notch personnel or perhaps your goal is to see that your dedicated staff is provided for in retirement. As we learn about your business, your employees, and your retirement plan goals, PB&H Benefits will draft a plan that pulls together all these unique aspects into one dynamic retirement plan. Even if you already have a plan in effect, our firm can assist your through a design review to determine if your plan is still serving the best interests of your company and your employees.
Following are links discussing basic aspects of the various plan design options. These descriptions are not intended to encompass all of the many rules and regulations governing the plan types. Please contact PB&H Benefits so that one of our benefit consultants can assist you with your plan design options.

Retirement Plan Options: