Financial Partners

Financial Partners

Tailor-made Services with major vendors

Our services are adjusted to fit seamlessly with the recordkeeping service provider of your choice; including but not limited to American Funds, John Hancock, Empower, T. Rowe Price, and Lincoln Financial Group. In addition, PB&H Benefits works with firms who opt for individual self-brokerage accounts through providers such as Merrill Lynch, UBS, Morgan Stanley, etc. For clients with multiple locations, PB&H Benefits offers a website portal that will integrate all your retirement plan partners.

Strategic Partnership with major trust companies

Our services are designed to fit seamlessly with the trust and custodial services of MidAtlantic Trust Company. Our daily trading partner offers the following quality services to our clients: Asset Custodial and trading services; Asset activity reports and cash transaction activity; Electronic access to investment information and activity as well as mutual fund research tools for Plan Sponsors and Advisors; Access to over 14,000 funds, including ETFs and target date funds. More information on these provider can be obtained by contacting PB&H Benefits.